The Corroios Tide Mill - How it works, Xavier Pita

NAME: Xavier Pita

COUNTRY: Portugal


TITLE: The Corroios Tide Mill - How it works


YEAR: 2013

DESCRIPTON: Cut away view of the the Corroios Tide Mill, showing its structure, hidraulic organs, mechanisms, and water flow.
The Corroios Tide Mill was ordered to build by D. Nuno Álvares Pereira in 1403. In 1980 was adquired by the Câmara Municipal do Seixal and it is a part of the Ecomuseu Municipal. From a hydraulic point of view, the mill works like a dam. The difference is that it works following the tide pace. Stored water in the boiler during the tide goes form the canals to the wheels, which work as a turbine, convert the hydraulic energy in mechanic energy, which is transmited to the mill stones by a gears system.The floodgate and the dam are fundamental elements.They work as valves. The first one controls the water flow in the boiler by retaining it when the tide is low, and second ones control the water flow through the canals. The dam opening makes the mill work.
This infography was made for the Ecomuseu do Seixal in a project that used scientific illustration to carry out the Corroios tide mill technic, historic and etnographic patrimony register. In the infography "How the mill works", three diferent sights were used, like slices and transparencies, to permit visualize the mill structure, its hydraulic machines, its powdering process and the water flow, which are elements difficult to see or even innaccessible.

CATEGORY: Professional