Isabel Aracama - European Bee Eater / Merops Apiaster

NOMBRE: Isabel Aracama
PAIS: United Kingdom

TITULO: European Bee Eater / Merops Apiaster
TÉCNICA: Digital Painting
AÑO: 2014
DESCRIPCIÓN: The plate shows a couple of bee eaters, male and female and a map displaying the breeding and wintering areas.
Males have a bigger red area on the wings while females have it smaller or none at all.
CATEGORIA: Profesional
WIKIMEDIA COMMONS: SiComo autor de la ilustración he dado permiso para que sea cargada en Wikimedia Commons con licencia Creative Commons Reconocimiento Compartir Igual 3.0


  1. The way this image has been uploaded to this blog does not allow the appreciation in detail, as it should be.
    If interested, you can check this link where it is possible to appreciate i the right way, in detail and with the possibility of zooming to see it full size.


    Esta imagen, tal como se presenta aqui, pierde todo su interes.

    Si a alguien le interesa, puede verse aqui de manera decente, ampliada y en detalle, como corresponde:



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