Encyclia cachimboensis - Marcos Antonio dos Santos Silva

NAME: Marcos Antonio dos Santos Silva
WEB: www.ilustrare.com.br
SOCIAL MEDIA: https://www.facebook.com/marcos.a.santossilva
TITLE: Encyclia cachimboensis
TECHNIQUE: Watercolour on paper
YEAR: 2014
DESCRIPTION: The Orchidaceae is problaby the biggest plant family, with approximately 25.000 species. The genus Encyclia occurs in tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas and India. The flowers are small and in some species they have a very pleasant scent. Pollination of this genus can be performed by bees and even small birds. In order to flower they need very defined dry periods. There is an interesting story about this genus. The name Encyclia was proposed by the English botanist William Jackson Hooker in 1828, after a specimem found in Rio de Janeiro, but since its discovery it was never found again, only a drawing is left of the original plant. The orchid illustrated here is the Encyclia cachimboensis. It is a new species, recently discovered at the Serra do Cachimbo. This region in the south of Para state, in Brazil, is characterized by a transitional vegetation between the Amazonian and Cerrado types. The Encyclias are usually epiphytic plants, but this
species is rock-dweller
CATEGORY: Profesional