Female Gang-gang Cockatoo - Rachel Hollis

NAME: Rachel Hollis
WEB: www.rachelhollis.com
COUNTRY: Australia
SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: rachelhollis_art Twitter: @rachelhollisart
TITLE: Female Gang-gang Cockatoo
TECHNIQUE: Coloured pencil and acyrlic on paper
YEAR: 2015
DESCRIPTION: Female Gang-gang Cockatoo (Callocephalon fimbriatum) sitting on a branch.
The unusual name of this bird comes from a New South Wales Aboriginal language. These birds can be found throughout the south-eastern forests and woodlands of Australia. Female Gang-gang Cockatoos are less colourful than the males who have bright red heads, but the females have a more vivid and impressive scalloping appearance to their grey feathers and their breast feathers are fringed light red. Part of their diet consists of eucalyptus seeds and the gentle cracking sound of a family group prising open the seeds in a eucalyptus woodland is a most relaxing natural sound.

There are a lot of details to capture when illustrating birds and using pencils allows me to control the delicate and subtle nature of those details while still being able to use some artistic license to create an illustration that is both correct and visually appealing.
CATEGORY: Professional