Great spotted woodpecker - Alsu

NAME: Alsu
COUNTRY: Russia, Republic of Tatarstan. The city of Naberezhnye Chelny.
TITLE: Great spotted woodpecker
TECHNIQUE: Black ink, gouache.
YEAR: 2015
DESCRIPTION: main color of the plumage contrasting black and white, with red podhvostem The male has a red neck, a female black. Young birds top of the head is completely red, like the middle spotted woodpecker. Hard tail, wedge-shaped, paw typical woodpeckers, zigodaktilnaya (two fingers pointing forward and two steps back).View sedentary, sometimes wandering. He has more than 20 subspecies in Eurasia and north- West AfricaIn Europe, the common, uniform spread, except in extreme Italy breeds a population of south-eastern regions. In 40-100 pairs at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. m. or more.Inhabitant of the different types of forests: coniferous, deciduous, mixed with a lot of dead, sick and old trees, suitable for nesting and foraging. Common in urban parks, planting, alleys.In April, the hollow hollowed lays 4-6 white shiny eggs, which hatch into mostly male 11-13 days. The young leave the hollow three weeks after birth. In year one clutch.In contrast to the green woodpecker on the ground rarely descends. Flight typical diving "Fraction", which publishes a bird, is often used to mark territory. It feeds on insects, berries and seeds.Sometimes eats the eggs of other forest birds. During the mating season, both partners chase each other in a spiral along the tree trunks.
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