Ostrich - Samantha Di Prospero

NAME: Samantha Di Prospero
WEB: www.samanthadiprospero.com
SOCIAL MEDIA: www.facebook.com/samanthadiprospero
TITLE: Ostrich
TECHNIQUE: acuarelas y lapiz
YEAR: 2015
DESCRIPTION: This is part of the collection of the first scientific Tarots existing in the world, which I have created as the finalizing project of my studies in the Master of Design and Illustration of the UPV in Valencia. Those Tarots are scientific because represent nature with the technique of scientific illustration and are associated to symbolical meaning. In this case the ostrich represents law, balance, judgment, decide, justice, because in ancient Egypt his feather was used as the tool to measure the weight of the soul of people to establish if they deserved the access to the kingdom of heaven.
CATEGORY: Estudiante
WIKIMEDIA COMMONS: Como autor de la ilustración he dado permiso para que sea cargada en Wikimedia Commons con licencia Creative Commons Reconocimiento Compartir Igual 3.0