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Caprifig (Ficus carica sylvestris) - Raquel Lopes da Fonseca Raimundo

NAME: Raquel Lopes da Fonseca Raimundo
COUNTRY: Portugal
SOCIAL MEDIA: https://www.behance.net/raquelraimundo; https://pt.linkedin.com/pub/raquel-raimundo/69/677/a22
TITLE: Caprifig (Ficus carica sylvestris)
TECHNIQUE: Graphite on polyester paper + digital treament for title and background
YEAR: 2014
DESCRIPTION: The Caprifig or male tree is not commercialised and covers wild fig trees whose syconia are not edible. Contains staminate (male) flowers, where the pollen is collected, and styled psitillate (female) flowers, suitable for the oviposition and development of the pollinator Blastophaga Psenes wasp.
The caprifig trees produces figs three times a year, therefore, the B. psenes has three generations per year.
With this work we can look at the different stages of the growth of the caprifig, since the first stems until the maturation phase, marked by the construction of the drawing itself. The large size of this piece, made in polyester paper, allows us to see the tiny details of the veins of the leaves or the texture of the trunk of the fig.