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Cattleya elongata - Alessandro Cândido

NAME: Alessandro Cândido


SOCIAL MEDIA: https://www.facebook.com/alessandro.candido3

TITLE: Cattleya elongata

TECHNIQUE: Aquarela sobre papel

YEAR: 2015


DESCRIPTION: Cattleya elongata Barb. It is a kind of bifoliate orchid belonging to the rupicolous Group. Robust Features pseudobulbs, from 25 to 70 centimeters long. Some varieties this kind deserve be highlighted, like a alba, with petals and sepals and white lip Yellow; one maculata, with petals and sepals stains NAS; one pink, with sepals and petals and lip Roseo; one elegans, with petals and sepals color Dark Enough; ea dark, with petals and sepals dark, going up to the lip.

Geographical Distribution: The elongata is an orchid found in Minas Gerais, Pernambuco and not in Bahia.

Habitat: Cattleya elongata Barb. Habita Regions altitude of between 250 and 800 meters, where the temperature E High, Featuring A Average 39 C, During The Day, and 14 C, Overnight.

Flowering: Flowering occurs between July and August, sending 2-9 IN flowers around 8 centimeters in diameter

CATEGORY: Estudiante