"Lyuba" (Mammuthus primigenius) - Daniel Roig Núñez

NAME: Daniel Roig Núñez
WEB: http://www.danielroig.com
COUNTRY: Espanya
SOCIAL MEDIA: https://www.facebook.com/danielroig.z
TITLE: "Lyuba" (Mammuthus primigenius)
TECHNIQUE: Mixta (llapissos de color, aquarel·la i acrílic)
YEAR: 2015
DESCRIPTION: In 2007, the carcass of a female woolly mammoth calf (Mammuthus primigenius) was discovered near Yuribei River in Siberia by Yuri Khudi, a reindeer herder and hunter. The mummified calf died 41,800 years ago at the age of 30 to 35 days, weighed 50 kg (110 lb), was 85 centimeters (33.5 in.) high and measured 130 centimeters (51 in.) from trunk to tail, roughly the same size as a large dog. In recognition to the discoverer, the baby mammoth has been named after Yuri's wife, Lyuba (Люба), which means "love" in Russian.

Lyuba, the most complete mammoth ever found, is so well preserved that her skin and organs remained intact, and some of her mother's milk was found in her stomach. Her internal anatomy provided some insight about mammoth adaptations to their cold and dry environtment. Lyuba has a large adipose hump over her neck, which was used by baby mammoths to stay warm during the first months of their lives. She has much larger kidneys than researchers would have expected. It's possible these massive organs allowed mammoths to process urine more effectively, excluding waste while holding on to water. The scans also revealed a solid mass of fine-grained sediment blocking the air passages in the middle of the trunk, the researchers suspect that she died by suffocation as her herd were crossing a lake.
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