"Onychorhynchus coronatus" - Anastasiya

NAME: Anastasiya
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TITLE: "Onychorhynchus coronatus"
TECHNIQUE: Watercolor, watercolor pencils, black pen, ink.
YEAR: 2015
DESCRIPTION: Crowned Amazon Mukhoed (lat. Onychorhynchus coronatus) - a kind of the passerine birds of the tyrant flycatcher`s family. The lucky owner of a luxury crown of feathers, disclosing in the most important moments of its life.
More often, that medium-sized brownish-red bird seat on the branches of trees closer to the crown, and peck the crawling bugs. Especially its like all kinds of flies. In everyday life, elegant crown of the Crowned Amazon Mukhoed hardly noticeable, all the feathers a folded and hanging at the back.
The beginning of the marriage season - a good opportunity to show itself in all its glory. In the struggle for female or defending a territory before rivals, crowned Amazon Mukhoed males unfold their fans-crown proudly showing red, blue and black feathers. Females don`t also leave without crowns shimmering in the sun, but in place of the red feathers they have yellow.
Smaller, growing up to 16 sm females of the crowned Amazon Mukhoed alone construct two-meter giant nest hanging on a shady stream. To protect the posterity from predators, the future mother hang the nest to the strong branch at a height of two to six meters above the water. Putting two eggs, they hatch them by themselves and forage for hatching chicks.
The Crowned Mukhoed almost lives everywhere in South America. The birds keep in pairs or single in raw lowland forests.
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