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Tulips - Mei Ren

NAME: Mei Ren
SOCIAL MEDIA: https://instagram.com/meirendraws/
TITLE: Tulips
TECHNIQUE: pencil and watercolor
YEAR: 2015
DESCRIPTION: Tulips are bulbous, perennial flowers which bloom in spring. They come in an impressive multitude of colors and varieties, some of which look very different to the classic cup-shaped variety. They may be one solid color or multiple colors, fringed or smooth-edged, cup-shaped or star-shaped, as tall as 24 inches or as short as just 4 inches, with multiple layers of petals or just one layer. Some varieties are so different that they even look like other flowers, such as peonies or lilies. In fact, tulips are actually members of the family Liliaceae, which means they are related to lilies.

Here I have drawn variegated yellow and red-orange tulips from life, with one full-length view, and several closer views of the flowers and leaves from multiple angles. I drew them with graphite pencil and colored them with watercolor paints. I aimed to clearly illustrate the parts of the flowers in detail and to capture their beautiful and vibrant colors, as well as the waxy quality of the leaves and petals.