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Venus comb murex

The Venus comb murex, scientific name Murex pecten, is a species of large predatory sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Muricidae, the rock snails or murex snails. The shell of this Indo-Pacific species has a very long siphonal canal, and numerous spines. 

This was one of the most special encounters at our local Zoological Museum I was frequent visitor to over the past year. The museum used to be one of my fav places when I was a kid and now, as I was forced to take a break in my work, I was going on these small journeys once a month to study and sketch those now still life forms. Eventually, I ended up in the mid of sealife section (surprizingly, the least popular), absolutely dumbfolded. What stroke me most about those creatures was the perfect rhythm of their form. It seems that no human hand can reproduce their intricate frame with any traditional medium I could think of. I was spending hours scrutinizing the smallest specimen (like this watercolor sketch of a seashell that was approx. 3 cm long), attempting to solve the puzzle of what directions the cells take when building an organism. Of course, I couldn't absolutely rip off mother nature, but I must say, there was music in it and I hope it got me closer to learning something while I was dancing along.


Watercolor on paper


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