Black Puffer - Irina Kukolkina

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Irina Kukolkina

Russian Federation


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Black Puffer 

Arothron meleagris (Family Tetraodontidae) 

Arothron meleagris (Family Tetraodontidae)- commonly known as the guineafowl puffer is a pufferfish from the Indo-Pacific, Eastern Pacific.It’s occasionally harvested for the aquarium trade.It reaches 50 cm in length.The Guineafowl Puffers have heavy rounded bodies that’re uniformly black with numerous small white spots (Black Puffer or Botete Negro). They’ve large blunt heads with short snouts and are equipped with a set of massive teeth.They’ve small and similarly shaped anal and dorsal fins that are well back on their body.The puffer's excellent eyesight, combined with this speed burst, is the first and most important defense against predators.It’s backup defense mechanism, used if successfully pursued, is to fill its extremely elastic stomach with water (or air when outside the water) until its much larger and almost spherical in shape.Their body is covered with small denticles that resemble coarse sandpaper.Puffer fish is easily recognized due its ability to transform and expand it’s body like a giant puffer in a split of a second.The puffer fish contains tetrodotoxin; a deadly toxin that is up to 1,200 times more venomous than cyanide and there is no known antidote at the moment. Their lifespan can range from live from 5 to 10 years. 




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