Males courting a female - Paula Sofia Vaz

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Paula Sofia Vaz



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Males courting a female

Cicinnurus Respublica

I have chosen particularly this bird because of its exuberance, shapes and colors.
The birds-of-paradise are recognized as beautiful and spectacular species, thanks to the diversity in ornamental plumage, stunning array of colors and the extravagant and courtship displays. Wilson’s bird-of-paradise is endemic to the West Papuan islands of Waigeo and Batanta, from the coast of northern West Papua, Indonesia.
Male weight is between 53 - 67 g and the female 52 - 60 g. They have about 16 cm of length. Wilson’s bird-of-paradise feeds mainly on fruit and also some small insects.
The male Wilson's bird of paradise has a a turquoise crown (a patch of bare skin, rather than feathers), a green breast, a yellow cape, a crimson back and spiralling tail feathers. As many other birds species, the female is much less ornately adorned than the male.
The male Wilson's bird of paradise performs an intricate display for the female in an “arena” which he must tidy, removing leaves and unwanted items. The peculiar appearance of Wilson’s bird-of-paradise is shown in full splendor during its courtship display. The male performs the display in an a small well-lit clearing surrounded by dense forest. 


Graphite and colored pencil


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