Maracujá Azedo / Passiflora edullis Sims - Lucinéia Chamorro e Silva

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Lucinéia Chamorro e Silva



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Maracujá Azedo / Passiflora edullis Sims

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Passiflora edullis Sims

The Passionfruit belongs to the Passifloraceae family and in Brazil more than 400 species are found.
The plant used commercially is Passiflora edullis Sims, whose dominant characteristic is the androgynophore erect with free stamens and three stigmas.
Its fruits are yellowish green in its interior with the pulp with seeds covered by yellow and gelatinous artilo that is extracted for the production of passion fruit juice.
This creeper produces its flowers in the South American summer between the months of December and April. In 2015, more than 510,000 tons of passion fruit were produced.
This fruit is used for the production of frozen juice and the husks are used for the production of animal feed and fertilizer.

Passiflora edullis Sims: A: Habit; B: Leaf detail; C: Flower cut lengthwise; D: Androgynophore; E: Andocious ventral and dorsal view; F: Fruit cut transversely; G: Pulp detail; H: Tendril; a:seed; b: artilo; d: funicular.


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