Work in progress Bonobo - Paula Sofia Vaz

Paula Sofia Vaz


"This illustration represents a Bonobo baby. These great apes are complex beings with profound intelligence, emotional expression, and have lots of sensitivity. It was drawn in March, 2017.
The Bonobo or Pygmy Chimpanzee is also called Dwarf Chimpanzee. It is one of two species comprised by the genus Pan (Pan paniscus). The other species of the genus Pan (troglodytes) corresponds to the common chimpanzee. Perhaps the most interesting difference is the Bonobo’s ability to stand up and walk bipedally (on just two feet) more easily and more often than chimpanzees. Bonobos are also the most vocal of the great apes, using complicated patterns of vocalizations to communicate detailed information. Unfortunately, they are the most endangered great ape. No one is sure how many are left in the wild, but it could be as few as 5,000. They typically live 40 years in captivity, as of June 2016 a total of 119 live in zoos across Europe. Their lifespan in the wild is unknown.
I love drawing all kind of animals. They fascinated me. The most interesting aspect of creating this piece was to be able to explore such variety of colors and get lost in the details such as the facial expression, the numerous hair and in the position of the hands so identical to those of human beings."