Caribena versicolor. - Isaac Serna Gutierrez

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Isaac Serna Gutierrez


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Caribena versicolor

Antilles pinktoe tarantula.

Caribena (formerly Avicularia) Versicolor, is definitely one of the "prettiest" tarantulas in the world. During the early stage of life, it is a beautiful bright metallic blue, fuzzy spiderling (baby spider), and later becomes pink to red with a green metallic carapace. This is a good species for people who are in the hobby of tarantula keeping or breeding. The colors and fuzzy appearance of this tarantula are the characteristics that often win people over to the hobby of collecting tarantulas.
In the illustration, you can observe a sort of "bald spot" on the abdomen of the tarantula, this occurs due to the tarantula possessing the ability to shed urticating hairs as a defense mechanism, it may also be a sign that the tarantula is getting ready to molt (shed its skin).

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Colored pencils and colored ink.


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