Agnieszka Potrzebnicka- Romanowicz - Iris germanica

Nombre y apellidos: Agnieszka Potrzebnicka- Romanowicz
Redes sociales:
País: Polska

Título: Iris germanica
Especie: Iridoideae, Iridaceae, Asparagales

Descripción: The illustration shows Iris germanica L. – a perennial from the Iridacae family. Plants are characterized by high variability of color and details depending on the variety. Iris occurs in the northern hemisphere of Earth. The Ambassador variety shown in the illustration have sword-shaped leaves and a branched long stem with three flowers in a different flowering stadium. The flower has three bent and three raised perianth leaves. In the central part of the inverted leaves, short yellow hairs called "the beard" are shown. The petals are decorated with light lines. The illustration also shows thick, creeping rhizomes with young leaves.
My illustration is based on the photos of plants growing in my garden.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Acrylic on paper, photography
Tamaño: 42 x 29,5 cm
Año: 2019

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