Chaitali Mirajkar - Human tongue

Nombre y apellidos: Chaitali Mirajkar
País: India

Título: Human tongue
Especie: Human tongue

Descripción: Figure a is representation of human tongue. Two third of the lenght, from its tip, is called the body. The remaining one third is called the root. The lateral border of the tongue is covered with foliate papillae ( figure b). Von Ebnar ( small salivary glands) open into their deep grooves. The Fungiform papillae (figure c) are mushroom shaped paillae with taste buds on their top surface. The filiform papillae( figure d) cover the body of the tongue with heavily keratinized epithelium and no taste buds. At the junction of body and root of the tongue there is V shaped row of circumvallate paillae (figure e). These are mushroom shaped ,taste buds along their side with von Ebnar ( small salivary glands) at their base.Taste buds ( figure f)run from the basement membrane to the surface .

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnica: Tinta
Tamaño: 29×27
Año: 2018