Enzymes on a Graphene Scaffold - Kaitlin Maloy

Name: Kaitlin Maloy
Social networks: https://www.instagram.com/art.kaitlinm/
Country: United States of America

Title: Enzymes on a Graphene Scaffold
Specie: Graphene
Description: This illustration depicts enzymes interacting with their substrates on a graphene scaffolding. Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal formation that can be used as a scaffold for biomaterials. Enzymes naturally fluctuate between different conformational states, some of which are more suited for binding to the enzymes substrates than others. When enzymes interact with a graphene scaffold, they are stabilized and remain longer in the appropriate conformation for binding. This stabilization works more efficiently with some enzymes than others. In the illustration, the purple enzymes are in a green circle because they are stabilized by this graphene structure but the orange enzyme is in a red circle and is shown to be still shifting through different conformations.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Digital Illustration
Size: Digital
Year: 2018