Fruit of the Ficus macrophylla - Sonia Alvaredo

Name: Sonia Alvaredo
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Country: Portugal

Title: Fruit of the Ficus macrophylla
Specie: Ficus

Description: The Ficus macrophylla commonly known as the Moreton bay fig, is a large tree of the Moraccae family. Native to Australia it can been found also in warmer climates, as California, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
This fruit is small, hard, round to oval, with 2,5 cm of diameter and red to greenish with ligther creamy-yellow spots. When ripened it turns reddish-brown to purple colour. This fig is edible but as an unpleasant and dry taste.
Fig flowers are very small and are produced on the inside of the fruit, known as Syconium. It´s an inverted inflorescence formed by a fleshy, hollow and enlarge internal cavity, with multiples ovaries on the inside as we can see in the cross section and longitudinal cut of the fruit.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Colour pencils
Size: A4 – 21 x 30 cm
Year: 2018