Iberian Grey Shrike preying on a Emperor Moth - Paulo Alves

Name: Paulo Alves
Social networks: Paulo Alves Wildlife Art and Illustration
Country: Portugal
Email: pauloalves100@yahoo.com

Title: Iberian Grey Shrike preying on a Emperor Moth
Specie: Lanius meridionalis, Saturnia pavonia

Description: In the spring of 2019 I followed an Iberian Grey Shrike who regularly hunted on an old vineyard near where I live. The diversity of prey caught was impressive and proves just how formidable hunters these birds are.
Among the predated species was a female Emperor Moth who was surprised in its daytime sleep.
This is the moment that inspired this illustration.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Gouache and acrylic on paper
Size: 25x25cm
Year: 2019