King Vulture´s Head - Beatriz Correia

Name: Beatriz Correia
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Country: Portugal

Title: King Vulture´s Head
Specie: King Vulture

Description: It´s scientific name is Sarcoramphus papa.
They have a thick, strong beak which is well adapted for tearing, and long, thick claws for holding the meat. The fleshy wattle that bulges from the king vulture's beak is called a 'caruncle'. Both males and females have these facial features, though the wattle's purpose is still unknown.
The vulture's head and neck are bald, wich may help these birds to stay clean, and ensure that bacteria-laden animal remains don't fester in the bird's plumage where they could spread disease.
The King vultures average life span is about 30 years.
The king vulture does not have eyelashes.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Ballpoint pens
Size: 42×29.7
Year: 2019