MANGULABNAN, Allanson Ace DR. - Eupholus Weevil

Nombre y apellidos: MANGULABNAN, Allanson Ace DR.
Redes sociales: Instagram: artpartwork_2

País: Philippines

Título: Eupholus Weevil
Especie: Genus of Beetle in the family Curculionidae

Descripción: The Eupholus is a genus of beetle in the family Curculionidae. They are the largest insect family in the superfamily Curculionidae. They are found mostly in North America where they are plant feeders and pesticides. Surprisingly Eupholus Weevil has different colourful colours. The colours are serve as a warning for predators that Eupholus Weevil are distasteful since Eupholus Weevil eats leaves which contain some chemicals which are toxic to other animal.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Pencil Shading
Tamaño: 11"x17"
Año: 2019

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