Mother and Child - Ana Xavier

Name: Ana Xavier
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Country: Portugal

Title: Mother and Child
Specie: Sumatran Orangutans

Description: Mother and child are captured having a tender moment of affection. They are two Sumatran orangutans, one of the three orangutan species, found only in the northern part of the Indonesian isle of Sumatra.
Orangutans are an endangered species, mostly because of their habitat destruction. Oil companies are converting the sumatran rainforest into palm oil plantations everyday, and sometimes fires are used to clear the land. Logging and hunting for pet trade are also a reason for the orangutan population decrease.
However there are organizations of animal protection who want to save and protect these beautiful creatures. Besides rescuing and rehabilitating the orangutans, animal rescuers try to develop awareness amongst the Indonesian residents, and all over the world.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Color pencil
Size: 25 x 30 cm
Year: 2019