Panthera pardus japonensis - Ada Wong

Name: Ada Wong
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Country: China

Title: Panthera pardus japonensis
Specie: Big Cats
Description: Panthera pardus japonensis is a large feline carnivore living in Asia. It is a subspecies of leopard and an endangered species.Their brightly colored fur, spotted and black rings pattern indicate that they are distantly related to Jaguar. but their size is relatively smaller, and there are no obvious long and narrow black stripes around the eyes.Panthera pardus japonensis is good at jumping and climbing. Be alert and able to swim. Especially like to live in dense forests, usually alone in the night or early morning.In some habitats, because of the lack of lions or tigers and other beasts, they do not hide their prey in trees every time and have more hunting time in a day. This is a very smart animal.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Digital Drawing
Size: Digital
Year: 2019