Platipus and its features - Ulyana Yakunina

Name: Ulyana Yakunina
Redes sociales:
Country: Russia

Title: Platipus and its features
Specie: Ornithorhynchus anatinus

Description: Platypuses are the most primitive mammals that combine some features of mammals, birds reptiles or even fishes. Platypuses are so unique that they are refered to the specific order of the Monotreme. Platypuses are a oviparous mammals. The most part of its life platypuses spend in water looking for their food, small Crustacea. For faster navigation in water platypuses have webbings on their forepaws. Their beaks have electric receptors which are sensitive to weak electric fields and help them detect other animals' movement and hunt down their prey. The webbings on their backpaws are underdeveloped, but male species have venomous spur buds on their backpaws. Platypuses are night mammals that dwell ground holes. They are an endemic species of Australia.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Aquarelle
Size: 30 x 43cm
Year: 2019