Rebeca Genís Armero - Life cycle of slipper lobsters

Nombre y apellidos: Rebeca Genís Armero
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País: Espanya

Título: Life cycle of slipper lobsters
Especie: Adult de llagosta, larva en estadi I, larva en estadi final i post-larva

Descripción: Slipper lobsters, Scyllaridae Latreille, 1825, are characterized by possessing a completely flattened last antennal segment, have a unique larval form particularly adapted to planktonic life and long-distance dispersal, the phyllosoma. This planktonic phase contains multiple stages that finally transform into a benthic decapodid, called « nisto » in scyllarid lobsters. Larvae taking up to 2 years to fully develop and metamorphose depending on species. Three scyllarids inhabit in the Mediterranea Sea : Scyllarides latus, known as « castanyola » by fishermans and local residents, Scyllarus arctus or « cigala de roca » and Scyllarus pygmaeus.
Image : scyllarid adult (Scyllarus arctus), larva in Stage I, larva in final stage and nisto.

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnica: Digital
Tamaño: Digital
Año: 2019

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