Sabrina Luoni - Tragopogon pratensis

Nombre y apellidos: Sabrina Luoni
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País: Italia

Título: Tragopogon pratensis
Especie: Tragopogon pratensis

Descripción: Tragopogon pratensis, in the family Asteraceae, is an anemochore plant (from Greek: ànemos "wind" and khorein "to move, spread") because of its adaptation for the seeds dispersal: they have evolved into structures that enable them to be carried by the wind as "parachutes". The number of filaments and the gaps between them stabilize the motion, pressure differences between the air moving through the spokes and the air moving around the seed creates the vortex ring.
It has one of the largest described seed head. The fruits are cypselae 17-22 mm long, greyish and fusiform. They, as long as the ovary, have a long beak with a white and very feathery pappus (about thirty, umbrella-shaped).

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Watercolour on paper
Tamaño: 28×28 cm
Año: 2018