Seahorse birth - Arthur de Carvalho Wandeur

Name: Arthur de Carvalho Wandeur

Redes sociales:
Country: Brazil
Title: Seahorse birth
Specie: Hippocampus reidi

Description: Seahorses are very interesting fish, not only for their uniquely shaped body, with their skeleton arranged as rings and bony plates all around their body and their prehensible tale, adapted for tightly grasping objects, but also for their mating behaviour.
Among seahorses it is the male who carries the young. In the final stage of an intricate courtship dance the female seahorse will deposit her eggs into the male's pouch, where they will stay until they hatch and the young are released into the sea. This is the moment I am depicting, when the male seahorse opens its pouch and the first of the young begin to emerge.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: stippling
Size: approx. 20x20cm
Year: 2018