Simona Čelková - Snake

Nombre y apellidos: Simona Čelková
Redes sociales: @simona.celkova
País: Slovakia

Título: Snake
Especie: Atheris Squamigera

Descripción: Atheris squamigera or bush viper is a venomous viper species endemic to west and central Africa. Atheris squamigera grows to an average total length (body + tail) of 46 to 60 cm with a maximum total length that sometimes exceeds 78 cm. Females are usually larger than males. The coloration is the same in some populations, but variable in others. The dorsal color varies from sage green or light green to green, dark green, bluish, olive or dark olive brown. Rare specimens may be found that are yellow, reddish or slate gray. The scales have light-colored keels and sometimes yellow tips. A. squamigera inhabits mostly rainforest, preferring relatively low and thick flowering bushes. Bites from A. squamigera have resulted severe hematological complications as well as death.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Acrylic paint on paper
Tamaño: 42 cm x 29,7 cm
Año: 2019

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