Triceratops horridus death scenario - Lisa Sánchez Aguilar

Name: Lisa Sánchez Aguilar
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Country: Costa Rica

Title: Triceratops horridus death scenario
Specie: Triceratops horridus

Description: These Triceratops horridus are part of a bigger group that were excavated in Wyoming (USA) in 2013 by Naturalis Biodiversity Center and the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research. It represents one of their possible death scenarios: miring in a muddy swamp. There are four ages present: small juvenile, large juvenile, subadult and adult. These differences can be seen in the sizes and curvatures of the horns, the size of the frills and the differences in coloration. Bristle-like shapes and differences in types of scales from belly to flank are part of discoveries made from skin casts in recent years. The whole scene was worked on with palaeontologists experts in the field, each element present in this illustration was the result of prior research, and scrutiny by expert scientists.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Digital
Size: Digital
Year: 2018