Anastasia Starova - Meadow flora and fauna

Nombre y apellidos: Anastasia Starova
Redes sociales:
País: Russia

Título: Meadow flora and fauna
Especie: Nature illustration

Descripción: "Meadow flora and fauna
Meadows represent vast territories covered with herbaceous perennials, mainly cereals and sedge. Among them are valuable forage grasses, for example, timothy grass meadow, hedgehog team, beechless campfire, clover, foxtail and bluegrass.
The fauna of the meadow is closely interconnected with vegetation. Insects feed on nectar, and they at the same time serve as food for small birds and mammals (mole, field vole, lark, wagtail, coriander, etc.). Those, in turn, are a food source for birds of prey. Rodents and insectivores (mouse baby, shrew, frog, lizard, etc.) take an active part in the life of the natural community of the meadow."

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Meadow flora and founa
Tamaño: 420×297mm
Año: 2019

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