Bringing Science to Life - Rosemarie Carew (ICON FIRECREST Medical Animation team)

Name: Rosemarie Carew (ICON FIRECREST Medical Animation team)
Redes sociales:
Country: Ireland

Title: Bringing Science to Life
Specie: Print Image

Description: Our team create informative and engaging visual tools that communicate scientific and medical concepts to both lay and expert audiences within the clinical trial industry. Through eye-catching imagery, we aim to inform our audiences about a particular disease area (e.g Depression, Hypercholesterolemia and Lung Cancer as shown within our entry).We are passionate about creating graphics that maximize the delivery of vital information. Medical animation imagery allows us to create accurate, dynamic visualizations that are much more accessible and understandable to a wider population than a paragraph of technical scientific text ever could be. Visualization is a core component of our ability to understand a concept and bringing it to life.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: 3D Modelling and Animation techniques
Size: Digital
Year: 2019