Eva Margon - Panorama of Logar Valley

Nombre y apellidos: Eva Margon
Web: https://vimeo.com/286165323
Redes sociales: https://www.instagram.com/evamargon_/
País: Slovenia

Título: Panorama of Logar Valley
Especie: Panoramic view of glacial valley in Slovenia

Descripción: "In Panorama of Logar Valley I tried to capture a bird-view of this glacial valley. I picked the angle and height of desired view point in the way I was able to present hiking trail all the way from the valley to the peaks Skuta and Turska gora. This panoramic view was made as a part of my master project Pictorial Map of Hiking Trail in the Logar Valley where I tried to explain my hiking trail and also all the possibilities of trails and mountain huts that actually exist in the captured area.
The most interesting part aside from the big canvas size was lack of photo material. It was quite a challenge to paint this view with all the details and to make it look three-dimensional as Google Maps was my only source next to some photos taken from peaks and hills around the Valley."

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Acrylic
Tamaño: 500 x 700 mm
Año: 2019

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