Mola mola life cycle - Renata Rosado Alves

Name: Renata Rosado Alves
Redes sociales:
Country: Brazil / Portugal

Title: Mola mola life cycle
Specie: Mola mola Fish

Description: Ocean Sunfish or Common Mola (Mola mola) (Linnaeus, 1758), considered the world's heaviest bony fish, have Vulnerable conservation status (IUCN Red List) and a very broad global distribution. In spawning, a single female can produce several hundred million eggs at once. After hatching, its metamorphosis consists when the larvae expose their affinity to their spiky puffer fish and as they grow the spines disappear, so as do their tails. It prefer to stay alone for the majority of their lives, although occasionally can do form pairs or small groups. A comparison of early stage measurements of total length (TL) is shown (scale 1:1) in milimeters (mm). In adult phase they can have 1,8m x 2,5m to 3,3m x 4,2m (LxH) | 247-1000 kg (average) but can get up to 2000kg.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Color pencil, ink and graphite pencil
Size: 42 cmX27,9cm
Year: 2018