Victoria Esaulova-Ivanova - Mushroom. The­ shaggy cap or lawyer´s wig (coprinus comatus)

Nombre y apellidos: Victoria Esaulova-Ivanova
Web: @viktoria_esaylova
Redes sociales: @viktoria_esaylova
País: Russia

Título: Mushroom. The­ shaggy cap or lawyer´s wig (coprinus comatus)
Especie: all plant

Descripción: "The cap is 5-20 cm. high. Its color is white or greyish. The surface is smothered with fibrous scales. The flesh is white and soft.The gills of a young fungi are at first white, soon becoming pinkish at the bottom, then at the time of complete ripeness deliquesce together with the cap to an ink-like fluid. The 10-35 cm. high stem is centric cylinder-shaped, white, hollow. At the bottom there is a bulbous thickening,This fungus is edible only when it is young, before getting black. Its generic name comes from a Greek word ""copros"" which means ""manure"".It is common in city gardens, and parks.The whole cycle of ripening is often seen in the same pack of fungus. That old fungus are used for making ink for documents of especial importance. Such an ink is very
difficult to falsify."

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnica: watercolor
Tamaño: 28х38
Año: 2019

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