Amandine BIGEARD - The Ocelot, the wild cat

Name: Amandine BIGEARD

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Country: France

Title: The Ocelot, the wild cat
Specie: Ocelot

Description: The illustration shows an ocelot, a large wildcat from South America. The particularity of this animal is that it looks like a small jaguar, because of its spotted coat. It is therefore a feline of great elegance, whose body is very fine and slender. The illustration shows him in a standing posture, as if frozen, like a sculpture, listening to a possible prey, or simply attentive to his environment. This posture highlights the grace of this animal. The head of the animal, seen from three-quarters of the way up, emphasizes its finesse, as well as the intensity of its gaze, encircled by black lines.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Digital artwork
Size: Digital
Year: 2021