Andreia Pereira - Wasps are adorable

Nombre y apellidos: Andreia Pereira

Redes sociales:

País: Portugal

Título: Wasps are adorable
Especie: Insect – Wasp

Descripción: My work is a digital painting executed on Adobe Photoshop.
This is actually the first realistic illustration I have ever made when I started painting on Adobe Photoshop. The wasp is such a complex and interesting animal to draw and and paint, as are all insects. They have strange colours and textures, so many different details is such a small body, and it is a joy to try to copy those with a brush and a bit of time. I am very proud of this work, specially the way the transparency of the wings and the details on her head.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Digital Illustration
Tamaño: 29.7cm x 42cm
Año: 2020

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