Bernat Vázquez López - Dimetrodon species from the Briar Creek Bonebeds

Name: Bernat Vázquez López

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Country: Spain

Title: Dimetrodon species from the Briar Creek Bonebeds
Specie: Dimetrodon incisivus & D. natalis

Description: The Briar Creek Bonebeds (Texas, USA) represent one of the main classical localities where Dimetrodon remains can be found. After a taxonomic revision of the group in 2015, the previous diversity present at the site has been reduced to only two species: D. incisivus (the type species) and D. natalis, the smallest known member of the group. In the image, two individuals from both species can be seen on the margin of a swamp lake, since that is the interpretation of the site. The main vegetal community is also shown, comprised of Psaronius (leaf detail at the upper left corner), Cordaites and Odontopteris (detail at the lower right corner). The scene shows two cold-blooded Dimetrodon sunbathing during the early morning, using their characteristic sail to stabilise their internal temperature

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Digital
Size: Digital
Year: 2021