Halleh Taji - Pistachio

Nombre y apellidos: Halleh Taji
Web: www.hallehtaji

Redes sociales: @halleh_taji

País: Iran
Título: Pistachio
Especie: Plant

Descripción: Pistachio is a tree. It's used to know its dried fruit as nuts around the world. Pistachio's home town is Kerman, Iran. But even in Iran, people just know the fruit; dried or fresh, the entire plant is rarely known. In this illustration it's tried to introduce this fantastic plant in all dimensions, just in one frame. As you watch all parts are spectacular; red blooms especially, blossoms, fresh fruit while is still on the tree, leaves, stem and finally the dried fruit with and without shell.

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnica: Watercolor & pen
Tamaño: A3
Año: 2020

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