Vanessa Rakich - Miromiro

Nombre y apellidos: Vanessa Rakich
Web: None

Redes sociales: Moss.artstudio

País: New Zealand

Título: Miromiro
Especie: Miromiro (Tomtit), Petroica macrocephala

Descripción: The Miromiro (Tomtit) is a small bird with distribution throughout New Zealand. They are very adaptable and can be found from sea level to the subalpine zone. They exhibit bold behaviour and will often come close to humans who walk through their territory, they will also aggressively defend their territory from rivals.
This is a male who can be recognized by his striking black and white feathers, the females are brown and white. This bird has recently had his annual moult and is sporting tidy, shiny feathers. During the moult he will be less active and will look scruffy.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Digital drawing (using pixels)
Tamaño: 2480×1753 (A3)
Año: 2021

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