Andreia d'Almeida - Portobello Mushroom - Agaricus bisporus

Name: Andreia d'Almeida

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Country: Portugal

Title: Portobello Mushroom – Agaricus bisporus
Specie: Agaricus bisporus

Description: Agaricus bisporus, also popularly known by several other names, according to its presentation state, being the Portobello mushroom the most common name to find when we look at the supermarket's countertops. It is one of the most common mushrooms to consume, it has a high protein content and can be prepared in several ways. Being a very commercialized species of mushroom, its natural state presented here is the state in which we find it on supermarket, outside the substrate and with the base of the foot cut off.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Digital – Affinity Designer
Size: 420x297cm
Year: 2021