Barbara Leszczynska - Old with young

Name: Barbara Leszczynska

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Country: Poland 

Title: Old with young
Specie: Platanus × hispanica

Description: The illustration I present is a study of the fruit and leaves of Platanus × hispanica, observable in early spring. What I wanted to show is the species' fruits. They grow up to 30 mm, and mature during 6 months. The observable sphere is constructed of densly grown seeds, each in a form of a little stone attached to wind-dispersable fluff hidden inside the sphere's structure. During the winter the seeds break up and little by little release the seeds. At early spring both the old fruit and new-born leaves can be observed, constrasting in age, but harmonising on the same branch of the tree, working for its growth and survival.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Pencil drawing + digital postproduction
Size: 297 mm x 420 mm
Year: 2021