Carmen Jacobs - Pied Crow Composite

Nombre y apellidos: Carmen Jacobs


Redes sociales:

País: South Africa

Título: Pied Crow Composite
Especie: Corvus albus

Descripción: The Pied Crow is a bird species of the crow genus commonly found in Africa. It is 46-50 cm in length, with a larger bill, longer tail, legs and larger wings . The black head and neck are occupied by a large area of white feathering from the shoulders lowering down to the breast. The tail, bill and wings remain black. In Figure I, the pied crow's appearance is not too dissimilar of the common raven, though they can hybridise with the Somali crow, better known as the dwarf raven, as their ranges meet in the Horn of Africa. Figure II displays the crow in descending flight. Pied crows generally fly in pairs or smaller groups and are likely to commune in larger groups if around an abundant food source. Their diet consists of; insects and fruits, as well as smaller birds and mammals.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Mixed Media consisting of: watercolour paint, gouache, pastel crayon and watercolour pencil
Tamaño: 29,7cm x 42cm
Año: 2021

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