Carolina Calomeno - Canavalia rosea - Beach-bean Composition

Name: Carolina Calomeno

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Country: Brazil

Title: Canavalia rosea – Beach-bean Composition
Specie: Fabaceae / Canavalia rosea

Description: Canavalia rosea or popularly known as "beach-bean" is a tropical plant, of the Fabaceae family, with a creeping stem, found in the vegetation of Restinga along the Brazilian coast. It bloom between March to May, bearing fruit between March to June, forming green vegetables which, when ripened, turn brown, open and disperse their seeds.

The Scientific Illustration presents a branch of Canavalia rosea in natural scale, its flowering cycle and the beginning of fruitification. On the right side the composition presents the green fruit in the initial phase of seed formation and besides the ripened fruit open with its seeds.

The painting technique is watercolor applied on 50% cotton paper using natural Kolinsky Sable brushes.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: watercolor on 50% cotton paper
Size: 42 x 29,7cm / 72dpis
Year: 2020