Dimitris Simadis - The Life of Egyptian Monuments

Nombre y apellidos: Dimitris Simadis

País: Greece

Título: The Life of Egyptian Monuments
Especie: Birds, rodents, reptiles

Descripción: If you ever travel to Egypt and visit the ancient treasures of the country you probably notice some spieces that use those structures as home!
Most of the monuments such as pyramids or ancient temples are in inhospitable places for animals or even human beings to live in. These abandoned places are perfect spots for birds and small animals to protect itselfs from sun and the heatwave of the desert.
a) Abu Simbel is one of those places in the south part of the Egypt.
b) Birds create the nest in holes and cavities that time has made in the rocks.
c) Brown-necked Raven
d) White-crowned wheatear
e) Rock martin
f) Desert lark
g) (African) spiny mouse
h) Agama agama

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnica: Coloured pencils, pens, markers
Tamaño: 42×29,7 cm
Año: 2021

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