Emilio Fulminante - Tardigrade

Nombre y apellidos: Emilio Fulminante

Redes sociales: @aemilius (Instagram) – @emifulminante (Twitter)

País: Italia

Título: Tardigrade
Especie: Tardigrade – genus Paramacrobiotus

Descripción: Tardigrades are extremely tough eight-legged microscopic animals, that can be found in almost any kind of environment on Earth. Despite their pretty aspect, and their minuscule dimensions, these water-dwelling micro-fauna invertebrates (a Phylum of their own) are very well adapted to survive in extreme conditions. They can dramatically slow down metabolism (cryptobiosis), curl up and enter a death-like state (tun), a resistance form allowing them to survive adverse conditions. In the illustration I've shown a tardigrade specimen (genus Paramicrobiotus) dwelling on its environment, internal anatomy, capacity to respond to environmental conditions with different forms of cryptobiosis (anhydrobiosis, cryobiosis, osmobiosis and anoxybiosis), and phylogenetic position in tree of life.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Digital
Tamaño: 4961 × 3508 pixel
Año: 2021

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