Fatma Berfin Bulut - HOYA

Nombre y apellidos: Fatma Berfin Bulut

Redes sociales: https://www.instagram.com/berfinbulutf/

País: Turkey

Título: HOYA
Especie: HOYA

Descripción: Hoyas are evergreen perennial creepers or vines or rarely, shrubs. They often grow epiphytically on trees; some grow terrestrially, or occasionally in rocky areas. They climb by twining, and with the employment of adventitious roots. Larger species grow 1–18 m (3–59 ft), or more, with suitable support in trees. They have simple entire leaves, arranged in an opposite pattern, that are typically succulent. Leaves may exhibit a variety of forms, and may be smooth, felted or hairy; venation may be prominent or not, and many species have leaf surfaces flecked with irregular small silvery spots. The flowers appear in axillary umbellate clusters at the tip of peduncles. Hoya peduncles are commonly referred to as spurs. In most species these spurs are perennial and are rarely shed.

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnica: Digital Painting
Tamaño: 297×420 mm
Año: 2021

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