Ghazal Hosseini - Double trans-obturator tape (TOT) procedure

Nombre y apellidos: Ghazal Hosseini

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País: Iran

Título: Double trans-obturator tape (TOT) procedure
Especie: Bladder surgery

Descripción: Double TOT (trans obturator tape) is a new procedure that lifts a woman's sagging bladder or urethra into a normal position. During surgery, a narrow band of tape is placed under the urethra. The tape supports the urethra and bladder like a hammock. During the procedure, the surgeon makes very small
incisions (cuts) in the groin, lower abdomen, and vagina. Then a narrow band of synthetic material (mesh) is passed through these cuts, slinging it around
the urethra to lift and support the urethra and bladder.

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Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnica: Digital painting
Tamaño: 23×23 cm, 300 DPI
Año: 2020

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